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Coming out at work – part 2

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Water-cooler-gossip-007This is preliminary …..

These are my plans for coming out to the rest of my work environment.  When I accomplish this I’ll rewrite this post with the actual events and outcomes as it happens – probably step by step.

I work at a university research facility and such, I am covered by State laws that prevent discrimination according gender.  However, a number of older professors have been in legal trouble with sexual discrimination that the Institution that I belong to had to have special ‘violence in the workplace’ training that included sensitivity training.  The attitudes of the vast majority during the first training session on the main campus was abysmal !

I work in another facility far away from the main campus.  The department I am in is somewhat isolated within this facility.  As a result, I came out to those in my department – those I work with every day.  See the post on “Coming out at work” dated April 14, 2013.  However at this time I am still presenting as a male.

I should be starting HRT in 2 weeks.  I plan to keep presenting as a male at work until I’ve been on hormones for about 6 months and then, if acceptable, go full-time presenting as a woman.  Currently I’m a ‘128 girl’ – meaning I am en-femme all the time except when I’m at work.

I see three parts to coming out to everyone:

First, I plan to ‘up the ante’ so to speak, as each month progresses.  I’m already wearing bracelets to work, hair is growing out, am carrying a purse and I’m now wearing a sports bra under my shirt.  Next I’ll have my ears pierced, wear hoops, have my hair styled, laser hair removal, shaved legs and arms, and of course will start to ‘show’ as the hormones start to work.  I also plan on dressing more and more androgynous.

Second, the sensitivity training I mentioned above, will be held at our facility in the near future.  I have contacted the people who are presenting this and asked them to include gender awareness in that training.  The ‘Transsexualism’ tab on this website (above) is the presentation I sent to them.  I’ll see if they will allow me to present this part.

Third, I read about others that transitioned at work and I like the method where the person takes vacation for one week and during that week HR comes in and has meetings with everyone covering all the topics including use of the restrooms.  You leave as a male and one week later you come back presenting as a woman.

At this time I am implementing the first step, I have to follow-up with people on step 2 and I have yet to write the emails and make contacts with the people in HR to set up step 3.

About sifankahale

Aloha ! This is a difficult (very personal and scary) thing for me to share. I have seen and read many other accounts of people who have transitioned – those have helped me immensely. But we are all unique, and my journey does not seem to fit others. So, in hopes of helping others as well as documenting my journey – I’ve created this blog. I am a transsexual woman; my gender is female and my birth sex is male (this is the official medical definition and its in my medical record). This is not a choice, nor is it a lifestyle or even a preference. It took many years, with professional help, to find who I am and to finally merge all of my life’s descriptiveness, talents, sensitivities and general outlook on life into a deep understanding of self. As that phase progressed, it was my maleness that started to fall away, like layers of an onion. Rather than becoming a woman, I realized I am a woman. This is my diary of my journey through transition. With kindness and Aloha, Sifan

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