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Daily Archives: June 8, 2013

Appreciating One’s Self

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1017080_441532959286908_1263357140_nSomehow we hear advice or quotes on life and never really ‘hear’ them.  We can know their meaning but somehow that remains superficial:  it’s meaning not really soaking in.

The latest one for me is “appreciating who I am” and “living each day – being happy in one’s self”.

Feeling my feminine nature, being able to express that freely and then witnessing that – exemplifies this.  So often these are taken for granted and life just continues on.  So seldom do we actually stop and notice/witness who we are and just simply revel in this moment.

But, to then take this moment of witnessing and ‘allow’ it to progress to the next level – honoring the moment and one’s self – empowering us to suddenly create these break-through events where seemingly staid and oft repeated cliche reveal their deeper meanings – it then ‘soaks’ in …

It’s that moment when a smile comes up from somewhere very deep inside of oneself and explodes upon your face and the world brightens!

Smiling profusely,