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Appreciating One’s Self

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1017080_441532959286908_1263357140_nSomehow we hear advice or quotes on life and never really ‘hear’ them.  We can know their meaning but somehow that remains superficial:  it’s meaning not really soaking in.

The latest one for me is “appreciating who I am” and “living each day – being happy in one’s self”.

Feeling my feminine nature, being able to express that freely and then witnessing that – exemplifies this.  So often these are taken for granted and life just continues on.  So seldom do we actually stop and notice/witness who we are and just simply revel in this moment.

But, to then take this moment of witnessing and ‘allow’ it to progress to the next level – honoring the moment and one’s self – empowering us to suddenly create these break-through events where seemingly staid and oft repeated cliche reveal their deeper meanings – it then ‘soaks’ in …

It’s that moment when a smile comes up from somewhere very deep inside of oneself and explodes upon your face and the world brightens!

Smiling profusely,


About sifankahale

Aloha ! This is a difficult (very personal and scary) thing for me to share. I have seen and read many other accounts of people who have transitioned – those have helped me immensely. But we are all unique, and my journey does not seem to fit others. So, in hopes of helping others as well as documenting my journey – I’ve created this blog. I am a transsexual woman; my gender is female and my birth sex is male (this is the official medical definition and its in my medical record). This is not a choice, nor is it a lifestyle or even a preference. It took many years, with professional help, to find who I am and to finally merge all of my life’s descriptiveness, talents, sensitivities and general outlook on life into a deep understanding of self. As that phase progressed, it was my maleness that started to fall away, like layers of an onion. Rather than becoming a woman, I realized I am a woman. This is my diary of my journey through transition. With kindness and Aloha, Sifan

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